AVVAL staffing solutions help you maintain optimum workforce capability in the areas of IT Application, Infrastructure, and Operations.

We take the time to understand your business and IT culture, gaps between current and future state, and specific IT talent needs you seek to fulfill in context of your overall technology initiative.

We are technology savvy thus fully understand semantics vs. just keywords. Our ideal candidate profile (ICP) development process followed by professional network based sourcing and targeted screening shaves off on an average over 15 business days and over $10,000 per placement for our customers – and we can prove it.

  • Contract Staffing: High calibre IT professionals who hit the ground running to provide temporary support with flexibility to get hired as permanent employee
  • Managed Staffing: Group of IT professionals with complementary skills in IT Infrastructure, IT Applications, Business Analysis and Project Management deployed with central management, common institutional knowledge, optimum resource utilization and measurable outcomes.
  • Project Based Staffing: Complete team of required IT professionals is assembled to execute on a specific IT project.
  • Offsite and Offshore Retained Staffing: IT professionals deployed to support predetermined scope of work based on part time or full time utilization.
  • Direct Placement: IT managers and professionals who are hired to meet strategic longer term needs.
  • Executive Search: Directors, VP, and C-Level IT leaders who drive innovation and business growth through strategic use and management of technology


If you’re a person in upper management or strategy, just how well do you know your IT worker?

IT has become the fabric of most organizations today, and those who fail to understand their IT talent are neglecting one of the biggest components of their IT budget.

Can you identify all the pressures business and IT place on IT workers? Do you know their skill set or if they are working efficiently? Is their workload just too large, or are you struggling to even estimate all their responsibilities?

AVVAL Talent Management allows you to better understand your IT Talent needs and deploy strategies to attract, and retain the best people to realize your business goals:

  • IT Workforce Capability Review: Objective assessment and reporting on whether your IT workforce is equipped for all the business demands. It provides answers to important questions e.g. What roles do you need in place, what’s expected of them and who within your organization is capable of meeting these needs.
  • Career Ladder/Lattice Development: A well defined career framework for your organization is defined with clear career path for each role at each level. Each IT worker knows what critical experience needs to be acquired in order to grow upwards or laterally.
  • Salary/Rate Benchmarking: Helps to avoid the common pitfall of placing a salary or rate too low to acquire or retain IT talent while also effectively managing unintentional spend overages on IT contingent staffing.
  • Career and Leadership Coaching: Provide third party objective guidance on how to maximize potential and productivity of IT staff and management through individual, group and team coaching.